Differences between NFC and other wireless technologies

Differences between NFC and other wireless technologies
NFC is a technology that is distinct from other wireless technologies, not only in the technology used, but also the applications envisaged.

Bluetooth: Although both Bleutooth and NFC can be used to transfer data, Bluetooth has been designed to transfer data over much greater distances. NFC is designed to be close proximity only.

Wi-Fi / IEEE 802.11: Wi-Fi is designed for local area networks, and is not a short range peer to peer technology.

RFID: Although RFID is very similar to NFC in many respects, RFID is a much broader technology. NFC is a specific case which is defined by standards enabling it to be interoperable.

In view of its parameters, NFC lends itself to particular applications, making it ideal for use in areas where other forms of wireless communication would be unsuitable.

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