NFC tag basics

NFC tag basics
NFC tags are passive devices that can be used to communicate with active NFC devices (an active NFC reader/writer). The NFC tags can be used within applications such as posters, and other areas where small amounts of data can be stored and transferred to active NFC devices. Within the poster the live area can be used as a touch point for the active NFC device.

The stored data on the NFC tag may contain any form of data, but common applications are for storing URLs from where the NFC device may find further information. In view of this only small amounts of data may be required. NFC tags may also be used.

In order that the communication between the active NFC reader/writer and the passive NFC tag was defined. The NFC forum introduced their first standardised technology architecture and standards for NFC compliant devices in June 2006. This included the NFC Data Exchange Format, NDEF, and three Record Type Definitions, RTD. These are for smart poster, text, and Internet resource reading applications.

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