Customer Loyalty / Membership Cards

Customer Loyalty / Membership Cards
Studies show that it costs between 5-7 times less to retain existing customers than to recruit new ones. It is also easier!
With customer retention being so valuable, you’ll want to create the ideal incentive to inspire loyalty. Rewarding loyal customers shows you value their business.
Customer loyalty and gaining that competitive edge, is all about maximising your chances of being selected first.
A familiar concept to most, the loyalty card is widely recognised as the best way to achieve that otherwise rare commodity in business – customer loyalty.
Whatever the chosen title, whether as a loyalty card, rewards card, points card, membership card,advantage card, frequent shopper card, discount card or club card, the card acts to identify the card holder as a member in a loyalty program.
A well designed, customised loyalty card or membership card is a quick and easy way to simultaneously boost your business profits, draw repeat business, build brand loyalty and entice new customers.
Proven to increase average spending, loyalty cards enable you to initiate or consolidate valuable relationships with your customers.
There is also a perceived value to the plastic card, so people tend not to discard them. A loyalty card acts like an advert in a wallet!
Whilst every loyalty, gift or membership card project is different, what remains constant is the fantastic opportunity to uniquely connect with your customers or staff – a superb chance to drive sales with our innovative loyalty card services. It is now easier than ever to achieve.
The usual loyalty scheme format is to offer customers rewards based on repeated purchases – so recognising and developing the frequency of custom.
Your scheme can be very simple, yet powerful. For example, you could introduce a 4% discount card that positively motivates your clients to repeatedly return. Effectively, your card’s success will depend on how attractive the rewards are to the customer.
Cards offer great flexibility. Your convenient and versatile loyalty cards can have set values for a one-off rewards, tactical, seasonal or timed-out promotions, product launches, or can be continually updated for an ongoing long-term loyalty scheme.
Plastic cards offer low implementation and running costs and need minimal administration. The simplest implementation method is to offer clients a card after a purchase and then each customer ultimately earns a reward such as a free product or a discount after subsequent purchases.
Plastic cards are a proven medium. Thousands of companies including most major chains now use plastic cards to generate customer loyalty and actively promote a product, service or stimulate a response.
Thousands of companies are using plastic cards to generate customer loyalty and actively promote a product, service or stimulate a response.
Your customer will know they are important to you and feel rewarded through personalised offers and rewards.
Enhance your organisation’s image
Increase customer frequency
Increase customer referrals
Increase customer retention
Increase customer spend
Increase the success of your marketing strategies
Gain new customers.

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