RFID woven wristbands

OPrfid.com is a leading supplier of RFID woven wristbands and supplies them to almost all multiday European and American event festivals.

woven wristband
woven wristband

woven-wristband-002 woven-wristband-003

RFID woven wristbands provide the ultimate in security for events, they are unique, fully customizable and extremely difficult to replicate. RFID woven wristbands can be preprinted or woven with your logo, sponsors, advertisers etc.

RFID woven wristbands are as close to 100% forgery proof as possible because your text and artwork is actually woven in to the fabric or is printed by thermal transfer on the wristbands. They can be quickly and easily fitted with one of the available locking mechanisms. If the RFID chip is PVC laminated we can write information inside based on your request.

Our woven wristbands are a great way to give that little event an extra touch and for a very reasonable price.Our Woven wristbands come in several different design options and colour combinations.You can use woven wristbands at festivals, weddings and ant type of events.

Woven Band Features:
Band Size: 15 x 350 mm, 16*400mm or Customization
Band material:
Polyester Nylon: Full color printing inside or outside
Woven :Your text and artwork woven with 1~6 colors into the fabric
Qing: Full color printing one side of wristband surface.

PVC Tag Features:
Size: 38mm x 24mm (slot 15.8mm x 1.8mm) or Customization
Customized Logo printing
Laser number printing
Locking mechanisms Features:
Different closure with different colors for options

If you are looking for a specific RFID wristband product and you cannot locate it on our website, please contact us via email or phone to discuss your requirements.
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