OPP IOT RFID Tags for Event Management

In most time, attendees at conferences, trade shows, and other events are largely “invisible” to the organizers and hosts, most conference event managers can’t be certainty that attendees are present at the sessions where they have registered to attend. There is no an efficient way to measure traffic volume or flow on a trade show floor, and also, sometimes, the food and beverage counts hosts receive from caterers are often inaccurate.

Hand counting is normally used to track participation behaviors at events, however, these incomplete and, often, inaccurate methods leave event stakeholders searching for a better method for capturing booth traffic and other activity data.

With the great sense of the RFID event management market demanding, OPP IOT provides our clients RFID solutions that would provide a non-intrusive way to measure and understand attendee activities at meetings, conferences, and events.

In our RFID event management solution, the selection of RFID tags and readers are the key step, for a typical event management RFID application, the selection of hardware have to make sure that it can work in large environments like trade show floors.

OPP IOT event management solution provides unprecedented insight into event activity by capturing attendee behaviors accurately and unobtrusively, it can consistently delivering a higher level of visibility with great accuracy, security and privacy than traditional barcode systems hand counting.

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