OPP4215 Application in mining site vehicle tracking

A copper mining company manages approximately 500 heavy vehicles per day, one of which arrives at the facility, on average, every six minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The high volume of heavy traffic to and within the facility provided a number of significant challenges for the company.

To meet these challenges, the company integrated OPP4215 RFID tags into their traffic management system to track road trucks inbound from a mine site to arrival at the facility, identify each vehicle during the route, and automate all traffic management and material unloading processes.

The company installed OPP IOT RFID tag OPP4215 inside each truck cabin to truck drivers on a per-trip basis. More than 40  RFID reader RRU1861 located outside and within the facility identify vehicles and direct them to the appropriate vehicle queue. As trucks move through the facility they are tracked by the RFID readers which in turn pick up messages from the RFID tags.

Our client is pleased with the result. The system increased the efficient flow of heavy vehicle traffic; made sure the accurate tipping of product to the correct stockpile; eliminated the manpower required to operate the facility and manage the heavy traffic volumes; avoided human mistake; provided a high level of visibility of heavy vehicles at all times; generated report easily on any given time, date, vehicle and driver.