RFID Benefits

Have full visibility of your products from the time they are manufactured, to your distributors, all the way to your end users. Have full traceability through the internet any time 24/7. Keep track of every repair, inspection and proof test on the asset.
Distributors are given the capability to view data created during manufacturing. And the distributor with more selling tools to offer the end users. This is especially valuable to distributors that offer aftermarket services like inspections, recertifications or repairs.
Improve the product
RFID allows you to view repair and product inspection history which will allow you to better manufacture and improve your products in the future. See exactly which batches and lots are being best produced and when. See which products are failing in the field and why.
Notifications and Product Information
RFID allows you to quickly notify your distributors and end users about new product features, product recalls, and new safety requirements.

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Choose OPP130 Metal Mount RFID tag for its long read range and low profile

 Metal Mount RFID tag
Metal Mount RFID tag

Choose OPP130 Metal Mount RFID tag for its long read range and low profile—ideal for large equipment tagging. This RFID tag is extremely durable and withstands harsh outdoor environments. Two rivet holes backed by an aggressive adhesive ensure the OPP130 RFID tag will securely adhere to most materials; mounts onto metallic surfaces without degrading readability.

Perfect for logistics and warehouse management
Track shipping containers, returnable racks/parts carriers, bins,and pallets. The OPP130’s long read range lets you scan out-of-reach items such as assets stored on tall shelves. Special construction offers a wider read angle than most tags.

The OPP130 Metal Mount RFID tag can be economically laser-etched or labeled with your corporate information such as 1D and 2D barcodes, human readable data, logos, and more.

High Value Asset Labeling, Warehouse, Container Tagging, Heavy Machinery, Outdoor Use

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