List of RFID Frequency



Argentina 902-928 MHz
Australia 920-926 MHz
Austria 865.6-867.6 MHz
Belgium 865.6-867.6 MHz
Brazil 902-907.5 MHz
Canada 902-928 MHz
China 917-922 MHz
Costa Rica 902-928 MHz
Czech Republic 865.6-867.6 MHz
Denmark 865.6-867.6 MHz
Dominican Republic 902-928 MHz
Finland 865.6-867.6 MHz
France 865.6-867.6 MHz
Germany 865.6-867.6 MHz
Greece 865.6-867.6 MHz
Hong Kong, China 920-925 MHz
865-868 MHz
Hungary 865.6-867.6 MHz
Iceland 865.6-867.6 MHz
India 865-867MHz
Italy 865.6-867.6 MHz
Japan 952-954 MHz
Korea Republic 908.5-910 MHz
910-914 MHz
Luxembourg 865.6-867.6 MHz
Malaysia 866-869 MHz
919-923 MHz
Malta 865.6-867.6 MHz
Mexico 902-928 MHz
Netherlands 865.6-867.6 MHz
New Zealand 864-868 MHz
Norway 865.6-867.6 MHz
Philippines 918-920 MHz
Poland 865.6-867.6 MHz
Portugal 865.6-867.6 MHz
Romania 865.6-867.6 MHz
Russian Federation 865.6-867.6 MHz
Singapore 866-869 MHz
923-925 MHz
Slovenia 865.6-867.6 MHz
South Africa 869.4869.65 MHz
917-921 MHz
Spain 865.6-867.6 MHz
Sweden 865.6-867.6 MHz
Switzerland 865.6-867.6 MHz
Taiwan 922-928 MHz
Thailand 920-925 MHz
Turkey 865.5-867.6 MHz
United Kingdom 865.6-867.6 MHz
United States 902-928 MHz

Future of RFID

RFID is a future. RFID has unlimited potential future. Currently, lots of countries are taking RFID technology. The acceptance is rising at a very speedy rate. RFID technology is continuously advancing. RFID not only provides better functionality but also creates more multiple societies. However, as each coin has both sides, RFID technology has a few side effects. The most problem of RFID is privacy of the individual. When the problem is resolved, RFID technology will into everyday functions in the near future.

Where are RFID Tags Used and Who Uses Them?

RFID tags are used whenever a physical object needs to be uniquely identified in a quick and reliable way. Applications are very broad and are constantly expanding. Some main areas of RFID tag use today are:

  • Animal identification (pets, livestock, lab animals)
  • Contactless access control systems
  • Contactless payments
  • Electronic passports and citizen ID cards
  • Retail logistics
  • Automation & manufacturing
  • Returnable transport Items
  • Commercial laundry
  • Medical and health equipment
  • Waste manageme