High Temperature UHF Metal Tag OPP4215 for industrial applications

RFID tags for high temperature environment require critical features. They need to withstand the extreme conditions of high pressure and high temperature with asset tracking capabilities intact.
OPP4215 is typically designed to be applied to industrial applications that when you need to track assets or machines which are exposed to extreme high temperature environment during manufacturing process. Made with durable PC materials, OPP4215 can withstand 280℃ for 50minutes and 250℃ for 150minutes.This is a right tag of choice for industries such as Oil and gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Heavy Machinery, etc. Sized in 42mm*15mm, it gives outstanding read range performances.
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Global Frequency UHF Metal Tag OPP087

The main feature of UHF Metal Tag OPP087 is as follows:
1)Global Frequency which makes it so convenient in the course of application, not to consider any difference of the mounting area, thus it could reduce the extra stock due to the allowance numbers between the actual demand and the ordering quantity.
2)The excellent performance thanks to its ultra high frequency chipset, Impinj Monza R6-P.
3)Capsulated with PC shell, which insulate the inner part from the outer surrounding, thus it’s an ideal option for outdoor usage, such as mounting onto the vehicles or cars for entrance access or smart parking control.
4)Able to Laser engrave, make it more suitable to meet additional demand of QR code or barcode or sequential codes for easy identification.
5)Low price make it more competitive among the analogy of this tags, which also makes it high potentiality to apply more beneficially and possible to apply widely and popularly in the modern industry.

Data Collection with OPP087 from OPPIOT

The data collection is very popular used nowadays during smart city construction, smart traffic data collection, construction equipment tracking etc. But during the collection work, the RFID Tags will be used.

OPPIOT is a manufacture specialized in the RFID industrial tags production, and the OPP087 from their design is specially used for international tracking purpose. It’s with global frequency from 865Mhz to 920 Mhz, which is perfect solution for global RFID tracking.  Despite it’s global frequency, the reading distance is excellent, up to 10 meters reading satisfy your project requirement.  If you want any samples to test, you are welcome to contact our Annie at sales1@oppiot.com or skype: oprfidtechnology

OPP3613 Low cost UHF ON Metal Tags

OPPIOT, as the manufacture of the UHF industrial tags, launched a series of UHF on metal tags. One of his tags member OPP3613, should be specially introduced to you due to the excellent performance and low cost.

OPP3613, size only 36*13mm, but the reading distance can be up to 470cm with the fixed reader, and 270cm with handheld reader. The antenna is developed by OPPIOT’s technician, so it can reach such large reading distance. It has an additional layer of PCB material above the tag, so you can laser on the tag directly, no matter your company logo, or any QR /Barcode, with good scanning effect.

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