OPP3613 Low cost UHF ON Metal Tags

OPPIOT, as the manufacture of the UHF industrial tags, launched a series of UHF on metal tags. One of his tags member OPP3613, should be specially introduced to you due to the excellent performance and low cost.

OPP3613, size only 36*13mm, but the reading distance can be up to 470cm with the fixed reader, and 270cm with handheld reader. The antenna is developed by OPPIOT’s technician, so it can reach such large reading distance. It has an additional layer of PCB material above the tag, so you can laser on the tag directly, no matter your company logo, or any QR /Barcode, with good scanning effect.

Oppiot provides full UHF tags solution to RFID Integrator or software supplier, he will be your good partnership on the tags solution. Anything we can help, just contact us at sales1@oppiot.com Annie

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