Global Frequency UHF Metal Tag OPP087

The main feature of UHF Metal Tag OPP087 is as follows:
1)Global Frequency which makes it so convenient in the course of application, not to consider any difference of the mounting area, thus it could reduce the extra stock due to the allowance numbers between the actual demand and the ordering quantity.
2)The excellent performance thanks to its ultra high frequency chipset, Impinj Monza R6-P.
3)Capsulated with PC shell, which insulate the inner part from the outer surrounding, thus it’s an ideal option for outdoor usage, such as mounting onto the vehicles or cars for entrance access or smart parking control.
4)Able to Laser engrave, make it more suitable to meet additional demand of QR code or barcode or sequential codes for easy identification.
5)Low price make it more competitive among the analogy of this tags, which also makes it high potentiality to apply more beneficially and possible to apply widely and popularly in the modern industry.

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