RFID Pallet Tracking Tags for Warehouse Operations

RFID pallet tracking tags for plastic pallets and crates has been one of the most demanded products for logistic operations and container tracking. RFID Tags and stickers can improve the automation level of the inventory tracking processes. Our pallet RFID tags are manufactured in various dimensions to suit your needs while meeting the required read range. Being compatible with most readers and printers in the industry while keeping consistent performance is where our product outshines everyone else.

RFID pallet tracking tags Features
* Made with high quality materials and adhesive for easy application, re-usability and durability.
* Washable and even compatible with shipping containers. Performs very well even in proximity to water content and even in high temperature environments.
* Can with stand harsh environment and handling conditions as often pallets and crates are subjected to shocks from falling. The mechanical wear has been minimized with our new range of RTI Labels.
* Usable in mining & construction units, automotive, health care, manufacturing systems, supply chain management and logistics & ware housing solutions using RFID Technology.
* Optimized for managing RTI (Returnable Transit Items) using RFID technology and its automation making it suitable for plastic pallets, crates, containers and carton tracking.
* High performance, cost effectiveness and error-free operation with proven market reliability.
* Can be used as an alternative to RFID shipping labels and stickers.

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