Long reading range UHF Metal Tag OPP130 for industrial applications

Metal Mount RFID tag
Metal Mount RFID tag

The OPP130 is typically designed to be applied to industrial applications that require extremely long reading distance. This UHF tag is IP68-rated, making it suitable for harsh outdoor environments and ideal for industrial and logistical processes requiring outstanding performace in a demanding environment. It offers exposure to water and contaminants. It enables the user to track assets across large areas and spaces such as Container, Vehicles, machinery, doors, metallic assemblies and so on. The tag can be mounted onto the surfact using pop rivets, cable ties or high-performance permanent adhesives. FCC and ETSI version are both available. OPP IOT offers RFID TAGS that are customised in shape, size and finish so as to ensure application to any product, even in the most adverse environmental conditions.
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