OPP087 on metal tags is star product in OPPIOT


OPP087 has specific characteristics such as small size, long reading distance, ultra high frequency, and resistance to metal. The tag shaped in a PC case, which has the characteristics of impact resistance, pressure resistance, etc. At the same time, it is waterproof and dust proof in good looking. QR code and logos can be added to the surface of the tags. It is commonly used for warehouse shelf management and logistic pallet management.
In the reference tray tracking, RFID tags are often used on the shelves because of the need for anti-metal tags, and there is a long distance required for goods to interfere with the reading. The ordinary anti-metal tags and ABS anti-metal tags can only reach a reading distance of less than 5 meters. After interference, it can only be within 3 meters, and OPP087 has a normal reading distance of 9 meters. Even if it is disturbed, it can reach a reading distance of more than 5 meters. The reading distance is very advantageous in the same size of the other tags. The tags has a PC case that greatly meets the requirements of customers for outdoor use.

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