RFID Tags for Extreme Conditions


RFID technologies have become one of the most promising solution and plan of action, making asset tracking a reality.
OPP IOT design the RFID tags to be able to handle real situations and extreme conditions .The below is High temperature RFID Tag Devil-5600 ,which can withstand temperatures from well below freezing to three hundreds degree for 100 hours. Which can be used in Metallurgy Iron & Steel industry .We use 304 stainless steel material , which is strong enough to withstand being used on shipping containers, or other heavy objects. The tag can be installed with screws or welding . An the tag should be used on metal surface, and the reading distance can reach 6.3 Meters with fixed reader . Besides,our tag devil-5600 can meet the testing standard of RoHs ,Reach,CE ,ATEX etc.

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