Ceramic RFID Tags 5x5x3mm

ceramic rfid tags
ceramic rfid tags

When it comes to small size RFID tag, how little size you will think of?
We are glad to tell you that we can custom the size as smaller as your need.
There is a complete solution according to the requirements of your project.
Here I would like to introduce our one special type of small size ceramic RFID for your reference.
The followings are the major date sheet of it.
1. Material. It’s made of ceramic with outer painting, has very strong resistance to high temperature up to 150°С without damage.
2. Read distance. You may question such small size can read how far? The read distance can be 1 meter.
3. Mounting method. The most often seen way is by adhesive with 3M glue.
4. Working surface: metal surface
5. Application environment. With good performance and IP68 rate, it can be used outdoor no matter how harsh the environemnt is.
6. Application field: it is designed for industrial projects, can be applied many indutries, like car painting, bakery, iron and so on.
If you are handling a project asking for high temperature and good read range with small size, our 5x5x3mm ceramic tag will be a good option.

More info view http://www.oppiot.com/ceramic-rfid-tags.html

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