OPPIOT produce and research in UHF ceramic tags and RFID special tags

Ceramic RFID Taghttp://www.oppiot.com/ceramic-rfid-tags.html

The material ceramic is good conductive electricity and high temperature resistant and good stabilty ,so the ceramic tags can be applied to metal surfaces directly and industrial environments and so on ,our ceramic tags support long distance reading in small size , this tags can be suitable in many harsh condition ,such as IT asset management, mold management, gun weapon management, network and communication facilities and tools management, equipment parts management, surgical instrumentation tracking ,medical equipment status and utilization and cable identification and so on

There have 16 size list for choices in our company now ,from the smallest size to large size .and various form shape such as small rice shape and round circle shape and rectangle shape and so on ,also can do customize tags as you request .the longest reading distance is 10Meters in size 30*30mm

See The special smallest size of our Ceramic tags 4*4*3mm as follow :

Chip:Alien H3 ,EPC 96bits , USER 512bits, TID 64bits Read/write
Data Retention:50years
Reading at 0.8mters on metal surface
Mounting method:adhesive
IP Rating:IP68
Storage Temperature:-40°С to +150°С
Operation Temperature:-40°С to +85°С

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