OPP3310 PCB RFID metal tag

PCB tags

OPP3310 is a truly passive UHF radio frequency identification(RFID) transponder that delivers superior performance on a variety of surfaces including plastic, wood and metal. The tag, available in both EPC Global Class 1, Generation 2 (Gen 2) and ISO 18000-6C protocols, combines an impressive range with a rugged yet compact package designed for harsh industrial applications and temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +150℃. Resistant to multiple cycles of one hour at the temperature of 250℃.

OPP3310 has a wide band antenna design, which has excellent UHF range performance. The EPC Global Gen 2 version of the UHF Rigid Tag has 96 bit of EPC memory and 512 bits user memory. Additionally, the tag has a robust physical package and is designed for exposure to substances and harsh chemicals representative of typical industrial applications, including machining oil, gasoline, motor oil, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol,mineral spirits, acetone, and kerosene.

OPP3310 Key Benefits
1. Rugged encapsulation for harsh environments
2. Apply to the EPC Gen2 and ISO18000-6 protocol
3. Used in the metal surface with ultra-high performance and can be applied to other surfaces
4. Reusable for lower cost per use
5. Long-term work at -40℃ to +150℃ temperature

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Passive RFID Tags application in Container Tracking and Identification

RFID passive tags can be programmed with contents and assigned locations and then placed on containers that are stored and shipped across the world. Additional information can be collected and added to the RFID tag.

The tracking system can identify unscheduled movement, so managers and security can keep a track and prevent cargo theft occurring annually. The majority of such losses occur through collusion from within the legal networks of cargo owners. The lack of integrity in supply chains that span across continents makes the control of fraud, theft and security breaches a very challenging task. It’s beneficial to track the shipping container with RFID, if the container is a returnable or reusable asset. By using RFID tags on pallets, drums, racks and other shipping containers to track their movements and associate them with specific customer shipments, organizations build an accurate information foundation to recover more of their assets and manage them more efficiently.

The integrity of the global container logistics chain can only be guaranteed if a trail of custody exists covering the entire operation, including the verification of goods when containers are loaded, verifying container marking. Passive RFID has been identified as the most suitable and cost-effective technology for the universal implementation of electronic security seals.

OPP IOT UHF Tag apply to vehicle tracking

The increasing demand of Taxi/Hire services in Automobiles for rent and hire to drive within the city and out of town has proved to be a Big business these days but with this comes the concerns. Providing services to the customer is easy but what about the service provider and car owner services? They need security and want to track their device location to be assured of its whereabouts. Here comes to your rescue the RFID TECHNOLOGY.

RFID: Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method. It Stores and remotely retrieves data using devices called RFID tags or transponders.

With the emerging RFID TECHNOLOGY, one of the most highly scored and demanding RFID applications include tracking and programming the RFID devices to track the vehicles with the help of RFID tracking equipment like RFID readers and RFID tags.

A vehicle is incorporated with the RFID tags which have the information stored about the vehicle like the Id, Location, registration number etc., which can be read with the help of RFID reader several meters away using radio waves. These tags have an antenna built into them allowing the transmission and reception of radio waves from RFID Receiver.

The RFID tag on the vehicle connects via radio waves to an RFID reader, which reads the data on the tag and transmits it to a software system that tracks vehicle activity. These Tags are the centerpiece of any RFID system.

These tags can be offered in different sizes and frequencies and can be made into variety of materials. They store the item data which is inevitably required for RFID tracking equipment.These Tags comes in the variety of Frequencies UHF(Ultra High Frequency), HF(High Frequency), LF(Low Frequency). To make sure which tag is the most compatible with the Software that is being used for tracking the vehicular activity an important knowledge is required about different RFID manufacturers, and before installing a tracking software it is better to consult RFID experts -OPP IOT. There are a lot of UHF tags that apply to vehicle tracking from OPP IOT.

OPP5213 UHF Tags read range up to 820cm on metal surface

OPP5213 is a passive UHF RFID tag designed for superior performance on a variety of surfaces particular on metal. Confirming to EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C,this UHF tag shows unsurpassed UHF performance reliable operation in dense reader environment and long read ranges.


Equipped with a rugged design for the extreme harsh operating conditions the it is reusable for lower cost per use and offers a variety of options including screws rivets and double-sided adhesive strips for ease of installation.

1, Encapsulated by high temperature tolerate FR4/PCB material
2, Can be mounted on metal surface
3, Waterproof, dustproof, durable
4, Can encapsulate different frequency chips

OPP5213 UHF tags Application:
Bulk container tracking
Vehicle tracking
Post-paint oven baking
Medical equipment tracking
Tool tracking
WIP conveying equipment
IT/telecom management
Instrument tracking
Weapons tracking.

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OPP5010 UHF PCB On metal Passive RFID tags

OPP5010 UHF PCB On metal Passive RFID tags are designed and produced by special technology and process, for indoor and outdoor usage in harsh industrial environment like metal, acidic, alkaline, wet, etc. It is easy to apply it on metal surface and has excellent performance of being read and written in long distance. We imported original chips of famous brands such as Impinj, Alien, NXP, etc. which is with 860-960Mhz and compliant with EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO18000-6C/6B standard.


OPP5010 UHF PCB On metal Passive RFID tags Typical Applications:
Tools Tracking, Oil & Gas, Healthcare Assets, Industrial manufacturing management, IT & Enterprise Asset Management, Warehouse management, Car component management, Metal Shipping Container management, Asset and instrument management, Guns management, Exist and entrance management etc.


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UHF Long Range On-metal RFID tags OPP8008


This UHF RFID tag is compliant with EPC class 1 Gen 2 and ISO18000-6C protocols and offers a long read range of up to 6.5 meters on metal.
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Key Features:
Compact size, light weight
Compliant with EPC class 1 Gen 2 and ISO18000-6C protocols
Provides long read range of up to 6.5 meters on metal
IP68 housing

Functional Specifications:
RFID Protocol:EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
Frequency:US 902-928MHz, EU 865-868MHz
IC type:Alien Higgs-3
Memory:EPC 96bits (Up to 480bits) , USER 512bits, TID64bits
Write Cycles:100,000times
Data Retention:Up to 50 Years
Applicable Surface:Metal Surfaces
Read Range(On Metal):
(Fix Reader:ThingMagic FU-M6-E, 30dBm)
Up to 6.5m – (US) 902-928MHz, on metal
Up to 5.9m – (EU) 865-868MHz, on metal

Read Range(On Metal):
(Handheld Reader: OP9908,R2000,30dBm)
Up to 3.4m – (US) 902-928MHz, on metal
Up to 3.1m – (EU) 865-868MHz, on metal
Warranty:1 Year

Physical Specification:
Size:80x8mm, (Hole: D3mm)
Material:FR4 (PCB)
Colour:Black (Red, Blue, Green, White)
Mounting Methods:Adhesive, Screw

Enivironmenal Specification:
IP Rating:IP68
Storage Temperature:-40°C to +150°C
Operation Temberture:-40°C to +100°C
Certifications:Reach Approved,RoHS Approved,CE Approved


OPP9020 UHF RFID tag is specially designed for metal materials, which could be affixed to metal surface and achieve long reading distance with excellent characteristics of anti-metal. High temperature resistance, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, anti-collision makes it fit for asset and equipment management.


OPP9020 UHF RFID tag Design & Applications
OPP9020 metal tags that are applied to metallic asset and vehicles. With up to 10.8 meters read range in certain environment and with selected Gen 2 profiles for FCC reader, this metal tag enables effective tracking and searching of assets in hard to reach areas and positions in warehouses and offices.
Suitable for use in a variety of metal surface of the device product tracking, asset management and other aspects.

Access Control

RFID for employee access control systems is being used world-wide. There are many areas in which RFID tags are carried by people to allow them to gain access to facilities or services:
* Secure access to work place and residential complexes
* Controlled access to dangerous/secure equipment including vehicles and public transport
* Access to leisure and recreational facilities such as gymnasiums and sports clubs

OPP IOT Technologies produces RFID tags in a wide variety of physical form factors to suit different deployment requirements. The most common form factor is a flat plastic card the same size as a credit card, often used as an access control pass to gain access to office buildings or other secure areas. Key fob tags are also quite common, designed to be attached to a key ring so they’re always handy for operating access control systems. In some cases, reusable or disposable wristbands are also used for personal identification and check-in at events.

Usage of RFID tags for access & security not only allow higher measures of safety and security, but also help maintain better data records and control of monetary payments wherever involved.

What is EPCglobal?

What is EPCglobal?
EPCglobal is a not-for-profit joint venture set up by the Uniform Code Council, which licensed the EPC technologies developed by the Auto-ID Center, and EAN International, the bar code standards body in Europe. EPCglobal is an umbrella organization overseeing local chapters that will work with companies to encourage the adoption of EPC technologies. EPCglobal will issue EPCs to companies that subscribe to its service.

What is the difference between EPCglobal and EPCglobal US?
EPCglobal is an umbrella organization that oversees local EPCglobal chapters. EPCglobal US is the chapter that will issue EPCs in the United States. It is a subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council. Other chapters of EPCglobal have been set up around the world.

Is EPC technology just for use on consumer products goods?
The original vision was for EPC technology to be used on all types of products, not just consumer products. Having a single numbering scheme would make it easier to track goods not just within an industry but across industries as well. Goodyear, for instance, sells tires to automakers and to Wal-Mart, and it would be better to use one numbering scheme to track all their tires. But many industries have their own numbering systems, and EPCglobal has developed a “translation engine”—a software system that converts EPCs into industry-specific numbers and back again. Many industries are moving toward adopting EPC technology, including apparel, defense, computing, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Micro UHF On-metal Tag OPPD5 for tracking small tools


The OPPD5 UHF tag can be embedded in metal and will withstand repeated autoclave cycles. It is designed to meet FDA requirements, is ATEX certified, and is an ideal solution for tracking small tools.Such as scalpel,Weapon,Bearing,auto spare parts,etc.

It is biocompatible to ensure safety in medical applications and have been tested to survive high heat in repeated autoclave cycles and industrial chemical washes that normally complicate the application of RFID devices.

Physical Features:
Model Name:Micro UHF On-metal Tag
Color:Black Red Blue Green White
Dimensions:diameter 5mm
Weight:0.5 g
Working Temp:-40℃~+150℃
Storage Temp:-40℃~+100℃
IP Rating:IP68

RFID Features:
RFID Standard:ISO/IEC 18000-6 TypeC (EPC Gen2)
Chip Type:Alien Higgs-3
EPC Memory:96 bits to 480 bits
User Memory:512 bits
Read Range:
902-928 MHz,60-100cm on metal
865-868 MHz,40-80cm on metal
Other Features:
Data Storage:> 10 years
Re-write:100,000 times
Customization:Printing LOGO, Encoding, Designing,etc

OPPD5 UHF tags Application:
Weapon Control
Bearing Tracking,
Auto Spare Parts,
Scalpel Tracking Management,
Small Metallic Tools Tracking,etc.